“No one can ever replicate what the Cowboys did in the 1960s, they made it up right out of thin air.” – The Cowboys and the Indian

cowboysRecently, ESPN published a story and video about how a man made it in America. With a truly innovative idea, A. Salam Qureishi brought data analytics to sports, making the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys extremely successful.

A similar concept was showcased in the 2011 movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, but Salam employed it decades before in the 1960s to find otherwise unknown college football players with the highest probability of success in playing in the NFL. Assigning his own quantifiable values to individual characteristics of proven players, Salam started a new scouting system off of more than just hunches; Salam helped build America’s Favorite Team.

ESPN’s documentary features Salam, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Sysorex and former Sysorex CEO, various members of the Dallas Cowboys management team and Salam’s daughter, Lubna, who is also my wife.

Salam brought the power of big data and analytics to the Dallas Cowboys and, years later, to Sysorex. Today, Sysorex continues to utilize big data analytics to improve businesses and more around the world. With innovative and ground-breaking technologies such as AirPatrol (mobile location-based services) and LightMiner (light-speed analytics), Sysorex is working with the game-changers of tomorrow.

Today marks not only the popular “throwback Thursday” or #TBT, but also the first day of preseason NFL football with the Cowboys playing the Chargers in San Diego. I invite you to watch ESPN’s video The Cowboys and the Indian as well as keep up with what we’re doing next through our webinars. As always, thank you for your support.