high-speed90% of all data ever created was created in the past two years.*

This astounding fact alone is enough to make IT managers look for the closest exit. When you’re overwhelmed by a lack of resources and budget, leveraging big data with an antiquated IT infrastructure can seem like an impossible task.

No doubt your business data is on par with the rest of the industry, growing in volume, velocity, and variety at a staggering rate. While managing your massive data sets may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, consider these potential benefits to be gained by harnessing your data:

  • Improve decision-making ability and operational intelligence by predicting outcomes based on previous actions taken
  • Increase transparency by providing access to greater amounts of data and numbers of users
  • Help prevent wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse by flagging questionable expenses or erroneous payments
  • Respond to issues immediately with on-demand access to business insights

Creating a comprehensive big data strategy that leverages advanced technology, analytics, and proven best practices will enable you to answer your business challenges with strategic data insights.

Deploy a big data plan to boost productivity

Creating a strategy to unify business data, from both the digital and physical worlds, will provide transparency in all aspects of your business. Applying advanced analytics to your data will enable you to unlock business intelligence to make bigger decisions—and accelerate growth.

Big data analytics are the tools and processes that allow IT leaders to track and analyze interdependencies between business process and policy. This valuable knowledge provides new perspective and enables organizations to achieve:

  • Savings. Reduce costs, including capital and operating expenses, not previously detectable
  • Analysis. Perform root-cause analysis to uncover problems and flaws in your system
  • Defense. Improve IT security to detect advanced threats by automating the identification of machine data inconsistencies

Get started

If you lack the time or expertise needed to create and execute a comprehensive big data strategy, I can help. I have extensive experience helping clients solve business problems utilizing the industry’s most advanced analytics engine—and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) technology.

I draw from HPE’s deep portfolio of data-centric compute systems, analytics software, and consulting services to create custom solutions that help my customers optimize their data environments and reduce TCO.

Contact us, and watch this video to find out how to leverage HPE solutions in your big data strategy.

* “Big Data, for better or worse: 90% of world’s data generated over last two years,” SINTEF, Science Daily, May 2013.

Featured guest blogger: Nathan Hughes
Nathan is an energetic, successful sales leader, focused on success through solving problems. He is responsible for sales and revenue generation for several U.S. geographical segments, including Southern California.