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Capturing Pokemon

Pokemon“What on earth is going on at Veteran’s Park?”  As we drove by, I glanced over to see it teeming with people. Young people. All glued to their phones. While they may have looked like zombies, it dawned on me (as I’m sure it has you) that they were immersed in the game Pokémon GO.

For the uninitiated, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that blends digital elements with the physical world. Players capture Pokémon (pocket monsters) and grow/evolve them. The game includes PokéStops at physical locations, where players stock up on supplies, and battle locations called Pokémon Gyms.

What captured my attention was the crowds of real life people ranging far and wide, day and night, hunting Pokémon. And I wondered how retailers, museums, libraries and other public institutions might join in the fun and reap the benefits of the players just outside the door.

Currently, a location can’t declare itself a PokéStop or Gym, which are predetermined by the game (although, McDonald’s in Japan has a sponsorship deal turning 3000 restaurants into Pokémon Gyms.) But, if your business is already a Stop or Gym, you can place a lure at your location that attracts rare Pokémon. For roughly $10 a day, hoards of people will follow Pokémon right to your door.

Or, is there a Stop […]

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Mall Landlords Embrace High-Tech to Entice Shoppers

WSJExcerpt from: The Wall Street Journal
Esther Fung

June 7, 2016. Shopping malls are going high-tech.

Making technology investments to improve customer experiences has traditionally been the domain of retailers, which have introduced robots, touch-screen mirrors and virtual-reality goggles to attract shoppers to their stores in recent years.

“We’re bringing the same analytics Amazon used to crush bricks-and-mortar retailers into the real world,” said Sage Osterfeld, chief marketing officer at Palo Alto, Calif.-based Sysorex.

The data analytics firm uses a real-time location technology that measures the number of visitors and their dwell times in various parts of the mall using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data signals emitted by cellphones.

By tracking the cellphone signals in a mall, companies can study the paths visitors take as well as how effective display windows and in-mall advertising are in drawing customers.

This is similar to how Amazon.com is able to measure user engagement by how long cursors hover over a certain part of a webpage, said Mr. Osterfeld. The technology is able to distinguish between visitors and staff, and provides insight as to which storefronts are most popular and which retailers have customers that fan out to other stores in the mall.

For instance, Apple Inc.’s stores are a huge draw for shoppers, allowing the tech giant to bargain for lower rents. With this technology, […]

IDC: Cloud infrastructure to account for 1/3 of all IT spend in 2015

Source: Silicon Angle

On-premise IT infrastructure still accounts for the bulk of enterprise IT spend, but cloud infrastructure is rapidly catching up, and now represents a third of all IT spending, according to a new report from International Data Corp.

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Cloud migration: From monolith to microservices

Source: Cloudtech

A cloud migration project can be a relatively simple exercise, where applications are migrated ‘as is’, to gain benefits such as elastic capacity and utility pricing, but without making any changes to the application architecture, software development methods or business processes it is used for. » Read article

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Thinking mobile first

Source : IT Web Data Management
It is critical for enterprise players to start batting on the mobility field. »Read article

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Spark Or Hadoop — Which Is The Best Big Data Framework?

Source : Forbes
Spark has overtaken Hadoop as the most active open source Big Data project. While they are not directly comparable products, they both have many of the same uses. »Read article

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Advanced analytics: How to select a self-service solution

Source : ZDNet
Until recently, advanced analytics were the province of statisticians and data scientists, but that’s changing with the emergence of self-service options. Which one is right for your organization? »Read article

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Steps For Improving Your Information Security Policy

Source : Forbes
If you needed a reason to institute an information security policy, consider this statistic from a Ponemon Institute study from late 2014: 43 percent of businesses dealt with a data breach at some point in the previous twelve months. »Read article

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Tapping Cloud Computing’s Full Potential

Source : Forbes
Enterprises are realizing only 35% of the value from their workloads already in the cloud. Leading enterprise cloud adopters have migrated nearly two-thirds of their workloads to the cloud, yet the average company has only 18% there.   »Read article

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Cybersecurity Trends for 2015

Source : In Homeland Security
In Homeland Security managing editor Glynn Cosker presents the first in a series of short videos outlining current cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2015. »Read article

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