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Sage has been a certifiable science weenie and technophile since he won his first paper airplane competition at science camp when he was 10. A lover of software start-ups and game-changing technology, over his two decades in the industry Sage has played key marketing and management roles in half a dozen companies in security, mobile, consumer, healthcare and enterprise spaces. When he's not waxing on the wonders of his company's tech, you'll probably find him chasing his dream of being a professional blimp racer.

New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level

Of all the exciting new technologies and applications the explosion of sensors and network-connected things has brought to us, one of the most intriguing has to be indoor locationing – detecting and tracking mobile devices and assets in buildings based on their wireless signals for purposes ranging from asset tracking and security to visitor wayfinding and targeted marketing.

The concept of indoor locationing, and the possibilities it presented, started getting serious attention in 2009 and 2010 after new smartphone sales overtook those of ‘feature phones.’ With the Internet and consumerized location apps like Google Maps and Foursquare in the pocket of a growing percentage of the population, it didn’t take long for entrepreneurs and marketers to realize the value of bringing GPS-like locationing capabilities indoors.

Early approaches to indoor locationing, however, had limited success. Poor device detection, high maintenance costs, inaccurate locationing and low user acceptance all hampered their adoption. More recently, newer technologies introduced better locationing and statistical models to fill in the information gaps left by earlier systems, but the dream of delivering the perfectly tailored marketing offer at the perfect place to the perfect person still remains far from reality.

As with many technologies, while the use originally imagined may not be coming to fruition right now, indoor locationing is making surprising inroads in a completely different […]

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Augmented Reality Marketing

augmented realityUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Augmented Reality, the enhancement of the physical world with digital information, is the “next big thing.”

AR, as it’s called, is hot and big tech firms such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Sony, have all announced upcoming AR products ranging from goggles to games. Hundreds of other firms are also working on technology that will bring AR into every corner of our lives – home, work, transportation, education, you name it.

What does this mean to marketers? Are we looking at a future where everyone has “Terminator Vision” and we can float personalized digital ads across the sky or magically wrap a real building inside a virtual can of cold beer? Sorry, but no. As interesting as that sounds, it’s going to be some time before enough people are equipped with the AR hardware to make that possible. There is, however, one interesting AR application that is rapidly emerging thanks to the fact that nearly every adult is now carrying a smartphone. It’s called “context awareness” and it has the potential to transform marketing as we know it.

Contextual AR uses “who”, “what”, “where” and “when” to divine the “why” of a customer’s behavior and then precisely tailor marketing efforts based on that information. Of […]

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Sysorex Ad Trends, March 2016

In like a lion: Construction and Home Improvement advertising roared back in March

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 13, 2016 – High performance analytics software and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), today released its Ad Trends print advertising report for March 2016 showing month-to-month growth in all six major categories including a hefty 23% increase in Construction / Home Improvement. Overall, print advertising in March was up an average of nearly 9% from February and notched a more modest 2% gain from March of last year.

Top Six Category Growth by Ad Count
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Personal Services 12.9%↑ 15.4%↑ -20.4%↓ -1.4%↓ 4.1%↑ 5.5%↑
Auto & Vehicle Sales 22.6%↑ 3.3%↑ -28.4%↓ 0.3%↑ -2.2%↓ 3.6%↑
Real Estate -8.2% 19.9%↑ -35.3%↓ 14.4%↑ 10.4%↑ 7.6%↑
Retail 10.6%↑ 37.6%↑ -10.6%↓ -29.6%↓ 11.7%↑ 3.9%↑
Construction / Home Improvement 1.6%↑ 8.1%↑ -16.4%↓ 0.1%↑ 6.1%↑ 23.1%↑
Dining & Entertainment 11.3%↑ 17.2%↑ -15.1%↓ -13.8%↓ 4.21%↑ 8.5%↑
All Advertising 12.4%↑ 15.8%↑ -21.3%↓ -5.2%↓ 4.8%↑ 8.9%↑

Source: Sysorex AdTrends March 2016

Ad Totals by Category

Among the six largest categories, which account for 75% of all print ads placed, the biggest gain in March came from Construction / Home Improvement which jumped to a total of 59,019 ads, a month-to-month increase of 23%, and a 25% increase over the same period last year. Real Estate advertising also notched its third straight month of gains. The […]

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Sysorex Ad Trends, Feburary 2016

Print advertising shows growth across the board from January

PALO ALTO, Calif. – March 10, 2016 – High performance analytics software and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), today released its Ad Trends print advertising report for February 2016 showing solid growth from January in five of the top six newspaper ad categories nationwide. Real Estate and Retailer advertisements showed the largest gains from January, growing nearly 10-1/2% and 12% respectively. The only category with a decline was Auto & Vehicle Sales which dropped slightly more than 2%

Top Six Category Growth by Ad Count
Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Personal Services 1.3%↑ 12.9%↑ 15.4%↑ -20.4%↓ -1.4%↓ 4.1%↑
Auto & Vehicle Sales -1.2%↓ 22.6%↑ 3.3%↑ -28.4%↓ 0.3%↑ -2.2%↓
Real Estate -8.2% 15.4%↑ 19.9%↑ -35.3%↓ 14.4%↑ 10.4%↑
Retail -1.0%↓ 10.6%↑ 37.6%↑ -10.6%↓ -29.6%↓ 11.7%↑
Construction / Home Improvement -1.3%↓ 1.6%↑ 8.1%↑ -16.4%↓ 0.1%↑ 6.1%↑
Dining & Entertainment 0.9%↑ 11.3%↑ 17.2%↑ -15.1%↓ -13.8%↓ 4.21%↑
All Advertising -1.3%↓ 12.4%↑ 15.8%↑ -21.3%↓ -5.2%↓ 4.8%↑

Source: Sysorex AdTrends February 2016

“February is a short month and the middle of winter, so we would expect to see lower total ad counts,” said Michael Lynch, vice president for Sysorex’s Shoom services. “I think that fact that there was a healthy recovery from January, and a year-over-year increase in total ads from last February, shows that advertisers are feeling a more confident.”

Ad Totals Up From […]

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Bridge Bank Increases Sysorex Credit Line and Extends an Additional Term Loan for up to $12 Million in Financing

Source: Bridge Capital Holdings

SAN JOSE, CA — (Marketwired) — 05/07/15 — Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ: BBNK), whose subsidiary is Bridge Bank, a full-service professional business bank headquartered in Silicon Valley and with offices located nationwide, announced today that its Capital Finance Banking team has amended its revolving credit facility with Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), a leading provider of Big Data software analytics and infrastructure solutions, to increase the credit limit from $6 million to $10 million and extend a new term loan in an aggregate principal amount of $2 million.

“By providing turnkey, end-to-end data analytics and IT infrastructure solutions, Sysorex is able to assist its clients by driving value and simplifying an increasingly complex business environment,” said David Feiock, vice president in Bridge Bank’s Capital Finance banking group. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Sysorex team as they execute on their technology roadmap and growth initiatives, and expand their customer base,” added Feiock.

Sysorex is a developer of big data analytics, mobile device solutions for enterprise and government customers worldwide. Its products include the AirPatrol location-based security and services platforms for cellular and WiFi devices, and the LightMiner Big Data Analytics solutions. It also offers a range of professional services focused on the development of custom cloud and converged infrastructure solutions.

“Bridge Bank is a true partner when it comes to […]

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Steps For Improving Your Information Security Policy

Source : Forbes
If you needed a reason to institute an information security policy, consider this statistic from a Ponemon Institute study from late 2014: 43 percent of businesses dealt with a data breach at some point in the previous twelve months. »Read article

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Tapping Cloud Computing’s Full Potential

Source : Forbes
Enterprises are realizing only 35% of the value from their workloads already in the cloud. Leading enterprise cloud adopters have migrated nearly two-thirds of their workloads to the cloud, yet the average company has only 18% there.   »Read article

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Sysorex to Present at the 16th Annual B. Riley & Co. Investor Conference on May 12, 2015

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), a global technology leader specializing in big data analytics and location-based mobile solutions for the private and public sectors, today announced that Nadir Ali, CEO, will be presenting at the 16th Annual B. Riley & Co. Investor Conference on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 10:30 am Pacific time in the Echo Park room at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Ali will provide an update on the Company’s products, services and growth strategy and will be available for one-on-one meetings on May 12 and 13, 2015.

About Sysorex
Through focused, custom technology solutions, Sysorex (NASDAQ:SYRX) provides cyber security, data analytics, cloud solutions, Mobile/BYOD solutions and strategic outsourcing to government and commercial clients in major industries around the world. From identifying security risks to helping clients realize value from their big data strategies, Sysorex has the experience, technology, partners, and agility to be your trusted IT partner. Visit www.sysorex.com, follow @SysorexGlobal and Like us on Facebook.

Safe Harbor Statement
All statements in this release that are not based on historical fact are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. While management has based any forward-looking statements included […]

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Cybersecurity Trends for 2015

Source : In Homeland Security
In Homeland Security managing editor Glynn Cosker presents the first in a series of short videos outlining current cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2015. »Read article

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You need Good Data before you can have Big Data

Source : betanews
Analyzing data can help businesses to make smarter, more real-time decisions based on historical facts and forward-looking predictions or forecasts. So while the new generation of business users understand the value and nuances of data and want to use it to drive their decisions, the first step to achieving this is to collect the right data in the right way. »Read article

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