Delivering better business insights faster

Sysorex products help you improve security, better manage assets and discover fresh opportunities by combining data from both the physical and digital worlds
AirPatrolTM Unified Real Time Location System

AirPatrol is the world’s first unified real time location system (uRTLS), allowing you to detect, locate and continuously monitor Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth-enabled devices from a single platform. From safety and security to asset locationing and management, to real time foot traffic analysis and reporting, AirPatrol uRTLS is helping businesses improve operations and security, as well as discover new insights based on how people and assets flow through your facilities.

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LightMinerTM High Speed Data Analytics Platform

Designed from the ground up on a high performance, supercomputing platform to be the fastest, most complete, no-holds barred, data analytics platform in the world, LightMiner can accelerate your most complex analysis by 1000x or more. From banking analytics and retail data mining to scientific computing and machine learning, LightMiner is helping organizations make better business decisions faster and fuel the breakthrough discoveries of tomorrow

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Shoom® eSolutions for Publishers and Advertisers

Shoom eSolutions is the publishing industry’s largest, most complete advertising management platform. Shoom’s cloud-based solutions liberate publishers and advertisers from cumbersome legacy and hard-copy systems with the industry’s most comprehensive digital solution. From automated tearsheets/proof-of-performance to digital publication delivery and advertising analysis, Shoom makes print advertising automation and management a snap.

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