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With nearly everyone now carrying a mobile device, and the number of internet-connected “things” growing by the minute, the safety and security threats to and from wireless devices are very real. But, if your security systems are limited to Wi-Fi detection, how much do you really know about what’s going on in your facility?

Perception versus Reality

Wi-Fi Only solutions versus AirPatrol uRTLS

Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Detection and Location in One Security Platform

Mobile devices and Internet-connected “things” are everywhere, but they’re not all speaking the same wireless language, which can make their activities in sensitive areas hard to monitor. Wi-Fi protection is a good start, but nowhere near enough. Widespread rollout of high speed cellular makes it possible for devices to access the Internet via their phone carrier, bypassing Wi-Fi networks altogether. Bluetooth lets information be transmitted between small, easily concealable devices with no need for cellular or Wi-Fi. That’s why it’s critical that security tools–both physical and cyber–provide complete situational awareness of what connected things are present–regardless of whether they’re traditional Wi-Fi, cellular and/or Bluetooth.

AirPatrol is the first unified Real Time Location System (uRTLSTM) designed to deliver full scope real time location and monitoring of all mobile devices–cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth–from a single security dashboard.

  • Improve both physical and cyber safety and security with total situational awareness of all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices in an area
  • Distinguish between known and rogue devices
  • Receive real time alerting to enforce “no phone / no device” zones
  • Prevent security breaches and IP loss from devices that bypass traditional data security controls
  • Augment traditional security policies with location-based controls
  • Detect, locate, and monitor all cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth assets, equipment and personnel devices on a live floor plan in real time
  • Provide location accuracy down to 3 meter/sub-room level
  • Alert in real time via uRTLS dashboard, email and SMS
  • Color-code “known” vs. “unknown” devices for easy identification
  • Connect to 3rd party systems, create zone-based security, document access policies, augment existing safety and security systems
  • Rewind and play back events with DVR function
  • Provide detailed insights into usage, flow, relationships, and more between personnel, assets, patients and visitors with optional AirPatrol ZoneIQ analytics
Features in Detail
Full Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device detection and monitoring

Widespread rollout of high speed cellular means more devices are accessing the Internet via their phone carrier, bypassing Wi-Fi networks (and endpoint security) altogether. That’s why it’s critical that mobile security tools cover both types of network connections. AirPatrol offers mobile device detection and locationing for the full 802.11 Wi-Fi spectrum (802.11a/b/g/n), as well as cellular and Bluetooth. With AirPatrol in place, you know where all the mobile devices in your area are, not just a selected few.

  • Supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Cellular networks and Bluetooth
World’s most accurate mobile device locationing

In a security situation, knowing the “general area” of a device isn’t particularly useful – especially if that area includes multiple buildings, floors and thousands of possible locations. But with AirPatrol’s patented technology, device location is accurate to within three meters – nearly 10 times the precision of other proximity/locationing systems. With AirPatrol, devices – both known and rogue – can be detected, located and tracked across areas as large as a multi high-rise campus and pinpointed to an area as small as an office cubicle.

  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Location accurate to 3 meters
Zone-based device control; real time monitoring and alerting

AirPatrol’s monitoring console gives you a single, unified heads up display of the mobile devices operating in your organization. For registered devices, AirPatrol can automatically change security and application restrictions based on device location and user privileges – make some zones restriction free, and lock others down with airtight security. Moreover, devices that are unknown (or “rogue”) and operating in your monitored zones are color coded for identification with just a glance, while real-time alerting provides you with immediate notice of rogue devices entering secured zones.

  • One-console view of detected devices; unified view of wireless environment; Real-time intrusion alerts
  • Includes forensics, network planning and optimization tools
  • Start and stop times of all device events (voice calls, emails, SMS)
  • Transmit frequencies and cellular protocol types for cellular devices
DVR Playback for Forensics

AirPAtrol for Security DVR Playback

Rewind to any period in time and playback events as they happened. Perfect for re-playing events following an event for investigations and training.

Integrates with 3rd party mobile management and security tools

As a mobile device security platform, AirPatrol also offers connectors that allow it to integrate with mobile device management, application management, network security and policy administration systems from leading firms such as AirWatch, Appthority, ArcSight, BoxTone, Fiberlink, FireTide, Good, McAfee, MobileIron, and many others. Connected to the AirPatrol platform, these 3rd party tools are enhanced with the ability to dynamically set and change policies, modify security and manage devices based on location as well as device.

  • Add location-based controls to major MDM, MAM and policy management systems
  • Integrates with video surveillance, identity management, and physical access control information
  • MAC addresses, SSIDs, and association states of 802.11 WLAN devices
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