Data Analytics at Light Speed

Designed from the ground up on a high performance, supercomputing platform to be the fastest, most complete, no-holds barred, data analytics platform in the world, LightMiner can accelerate your most complex analysis by 1000x or more.

AirPatrol unified real time location and analytics

Highly Parallelized In-Memory Platform
No disk-based bottlenecks here. LightMiner is an in-memory database that uses a dynamic blend of RAM and NAND along with specially optimized algorithms that both minimize data movement and maximize system performance.

Columnar Database
LightMiner has a column store approach rather than the older row store approach used for 30+ years. Column store databases allow you to keep tables with tens or hundreds of columns in one place. If a query only uses 1, 5, or 20 columns, then only those columns are analyzed. This is much more efficient than row stores when doing analysis.

SQL Analytics
A full relational database management system for SQL analysis. OLAP focused and ACID compliant, it can handle updates, inserts, deletes, appends, etc. without requiring ‘no-update’ or ‘append-only’ batch paradigms. Fully ANSI SQL-complaint, including stored procedures, it can run queries from your existing reporting environment using standard ODBC/JDBC drivers, use the command-line interface, or web interface.

R Statistics
The LightMiner statistical analysis interface is built on a supercharged version of R that provides large-data capability, and parallel execution of functions, algorithms, and the linear algebra underpinnings behind many of those algorithms. The top 50 R packages (including those for Linear Programming) come pre-installed. Your R code may look the same, but with LightMiner, it will be much, much faster.

Algorithm Development
LightMiner offers a number of machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms re-written for very high speed and large data execution. Fine-tuned to deliver the best performance in our high-RAM environment, these algorithms commonly run at 10x – 80x faster than far more expensive analytics platforms, and as much as 200X faster than traditional R packages.

No-Wait Imports and Exports
LightMiner’s unique Transparent Copy Utility instantly moves data from the database into an R data frame where you can run optimized predictive analytics functions for over 3,000 commonly available R packages.

Eliminate Caching and Associated Overhead
Legacy database engines can’t utilize high-memory efficiently because their kernels were written years ago when disk held most data and RAM was expensive. LightMiner uses a database engine that was designed for pure memory environments from the ground up and is cache-free.

Quick Config, Up and Running In Minutes
Plug it in, verify a couple of configuration options and you’re ready to go. You can sit at your desk and use our web application to drive the system. Common administration tasks are also available via menu if directly attached to the server.

Browser-based Interface
Forget PC-based clients. LightMiner’s web interface allows programmers to access its full power to write and execute SQL and R code with nothing more than a web-browser.


Up to 1000x faster than other platforms
Supercomputing performance without the supercomputing costs; accelerates typical analytics by 20x to 1000x. With LightMiner processes that might have taken days or hours will be done in minutes or seconds.

Familiar development environment made fast
Industry standard ANSI SQL columnar database and R development environment optimized for advanced analytics and machine learning applications.

Browser-based interface
Client-free, browser-based interfaces make the system available anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Low cost, high ROI
Simple, flat pricing model. No “per-user,” “per-core,” “per-process,” or other variable costs. You extract the maximum value from the power of the LightMiner platform without worry about upcharges or hidden fees.

Simple Setup
Easy setup and configuration. Plug it in, turn it on and go. You can be up and producing results in under one hour.

Plays nice with others
Works with common 3rd party visualization, charting, graphing and dashboard systems that you likely are already using. No new software to buy.

LightMiner Application Areas

Until now, only the biggest of banks have been able to utilize the powerful high performance analytics to discover new business opportunities, improve customer service and prevent electronic fraud and theft. With LightMiner, however, even small community banks and branch offices can have the same real time customer insights, cross-selling opportunities and fraud prevention tools the global giants do.

Cyber Security
New, novel and surprisingly effective cyber-attacks occur with alarming frequency, often by bypassing or breaching security systems before the systems can respond. LightMiner’s in-memory, supercomputing architecture allows cyber security systems to ingest, analyze and respond to anomalies and potential threats as fast as, if not faster than, they can occur. Moreover, LightMiner excels at machine learning, meaning that security systems can grow more effective, not less, over time.

From public health to national security, big data analytics needs abound for government agencies and entities. What isn’t in abundance is the big ticket budget allocations needed to fulfill those needs. LightMiner solves the problem by offering an extremely powerful, but low cost alternative that can scale from a single regional office to a global network of agencies, tackling the most complex of data analytics problems.

Internet of Things
The value inherent in the IoT is in the quantity and depth of the data it generates. LightMiner’s streaming importer allows it to quickly ingest and analyze IoT data so you can see what is happening now, explain what happened before, and predict what will happen next in near real time. With LightMiner, the IoT can be transformed from mere networks of “things” into the central nervous systems of everything from intelligent enterprises to smart cities and beyond.

Retail / Property Management
Retailers and property managers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their retail and business operations. LightMiner’s integrated statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms reveal emerging data patterns in real time – driving better analysis and decision making, while enabling managers to work more efficiently, reduce costs and improve retail and property operations.

Scientific Computing
Computational modeling, simulation, prediction and control at extreme scale offer transformative progress in a full range of scientific endeavors. For the growing number of problems where research and development is inordinately complex and time-consuming and/or prohibitively expensive, LightMiner offers unparalleled supercomputing performance to fuel the quantum advances in science and technology of tomorrow.

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