Sysorex Technical Resources

Sysorex white papers cover a variety of topics relating to data analytics, mobile security, BYOD, and location-based services and more. These papers have been written by Sysorex team members, partners and customers. Please select a topic from the items listed below.

Mobile Proximity Versus Positioning

Summary: As location-based technologies take off, there’s lots of hype about proximity and beacons versus positioning and sensors. Is there a difference, and if so, which is better?


Advanced Persistent Response (APR) to Mobile Threats

Summary: Cyberspace is not a pacific environment. The hostility of the Internet metastasized in 2011. Nation states and non-state actors all vie for digital power in a modern-day colonial movement in cyberspace. The most diabolical manifestation of this scourge is the Advanced Persistent Threat or APT, and much of this is enabled by insiders with mobile devices. This paper discusses the various mobile-enabled APT methodologies and the steps one can take to mitigate them.


Mobile Risk Management: A Gap Analysis

Summary: As our network security architectures have improved, hackers are bypassing our moats and gates by flying over the castle walls. This paper details the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones and tables as the dominant form computing device and the six fundamental security gaps IT and security managers must address to mitigate the risks presented by the rise of mobile computing and BYOD (bring your own device).