Sysorex develops the systems and solutions that power the data-driven enterprise. With an innovative approach to big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), we blend virtual data from software and networks with the huge volume of physical data generated by mobile devices and Internet-connected things to open new worlds of insight. Our unique solutions are helping organizations worldwide improve decision making, increase productivity, and fuel the discoveries of tomorrow. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, we have regional offices in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Professional Services

The Sysorex team has the experience of a large company, but the nimbleness and dedication only found in a small company. Years of serving customers in a wide range of industries have created a team ready to build and implement both strategy and solutions customized for individual requirements. Big or small business, no two are the same and our team starts at step 1 for every new project whether it be consulting, data centers, or more. Experience teaches that success can’t be rushed and we’re ready to walk step-by-step with our customers until we cross the finish line together.

  • Strategy & Consulting
    • Roadmaps
    • Assessments & Health Checks
  • Data Center
    • Modernization
    • Consolidation
    • Technology Solutions
  • Cloud
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Migration

Technical Services

Whether we are helping provide a solution to a problem you didn’t realize you had; or advising you on a project that you have undertaken; Sysorex’s goal is to deliver value realization now. Focused on bringing ideas to reality, our engineering team provides the custom coding, development and application integration required to take your projects from inception to the finish line. Are you ready to take your solution to the next level? The Sysorex team is here for you.

Community Hub

Sysorex prides itself on nurturing a healthy community of partners, experts, resellers, integrators and more. Our network is strong and grows every day. We value our extended team as if we were all under the same roof. A place for solutions, education opportunities, case studies and so much more, our Community Hub is the first-stop for a first step. Sysorex grows through being surrounded by those who make us better, stop by and take a look.

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