Industry Solutions and Expertise

Sysorex delivers innovative technology solutions tailored specifically for a number of industries and applications. From corporate security to real time customer analytics in shopping centers, Sysorex solutions are helping customers worldwide improve decision making, increase productivity, and fuel the discoveries of tomorrow.

End contraband cellphones in corrections facilities for good

Mobile device detection, precision locationing and mobile device management for correctional institutions.
Contraband cellphones and wireless devices are major security issues for law enforcement and corrections officers. AirPatrol not only detects and locates cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices within facilities, but can also distinguish between devices carried by employees versus rogue devices operating in the facility. Real time dashboards flag the unauthorized devices and alerts let guards see exactly where unauthorized devices are hidden reducing security risks for both staff and inmates.

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Physical safety and security, mobile device management, cybersecurity and big data analytics for private organizations, government and military agencies.

AirPatrol uRTLS provides mobile device detection, locationing and monitoring for government agencies, military installations and high-security facilities around the globe. Because it detects and tracks all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, AirPatrol is used to identify and set security policies for employees, monitor visitors in secure areas, and alert security when “rogue” devices are present and/or in unauthorized areas.

From public health to national security, big data analytics needs abound for government agencies and entities. What isn’t in abundance is the big ticket budget allocations needed to fulfill those needs. LightMiner solves the problem by offering an extremely powerful, but low-cost alternative that can scale from a single regional office to a global network of agencies, tackling the most complex of data analytics problems.

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Infrastructure, cybersecurity, analytics and mobile device and asset management for managed health, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Hospitals, long-term care, and other healthcare facilities use AirPatrol to track staff, patients, assets and visitors. Because AirPatrol uRTLS provides precision location of all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices within a facility, healthcare facilities operators have complete situational awareness of “who,” “what,” “where,” and “when,” improving care delivery and patient and staff safety and security, while cutting costs and increasing efficiencies.

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Retail Properties
Footfall and customer traffic analytics, location-based services, mobile device and asset management and big data analytics for retailers, shopping malls and retail property managers.

Traditional footfall counters and Wi-Fi-only systems can’t provide the depth of visitor analysis and facilities usage AirPatrol can. Because nearly everyone carries a cellphone, AirPatrol delivers retailers and property managers unparalleled accuracy with important metrics like visitor counts, dwell time, and journey. AirPatrol provides insight into inventory and asset staging and management as well as location-based staffing levels.

Retailers and property managers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their retail and business operations. LightMiner’s integrated statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms reveal emerging data patterns in real time – driving better analysis and decision making, while enabling managers to work more efficiently, reduce costs and improve retail and property operations.

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Safety and Security
Physical safety and security, mobile device management, cybersecurity and big data analytics for private organizations, government and military agencies.

Originally developed as a security platform, AirPatrol’s real time detection and locationing of mobile devices, regardless of type or manufacturer, provides complete situational awareness of all devices operating in a monitored area. Combined with AirPatrol’s zone-based alerts and policy controls, and it’s easier than ever to enforce “no cellphone zones,” trigger network and data security policies based on location, and provide full forensic reporting should a safety or security incident occur.

New, novel and surprisingly effective cyber-attacks occur with alarming frequency, often by bypassing or breaching security systems before the systems can respond. LightMiner’s in-memory, supercomputing architecture allows cyber security systems to ingest, analyze and respond to anomalies and potential threats as fast as, if not faster than, they can occur. Moreover, LightMiner excels at machine learning, meaning that security systems can grow more effective, not less, over time.