Accelerate Business with Big Data Insights

high-speed90% of all data ever created was created in the past two years.*

This astounding fact alone is enough to make IT managers look for the closest exit. When you’re overwhelmed by a lack of resources and budget, leveraging big data with an antiquated IT infrastructure can seem like an impossible task.

No doubt your business data is on par with the rest of the industry, growing in volume, velocity, and variety at a staggering rate. While managing your massive data sets may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, consider these potential benefits to be gained by harnessing your data:

  • Improve decision-making ability and operational intelligence by predicting outcomes based on previous actions taken
  • Increase transparency by providing access to greater amounts of data and numbers of users
  • Help prevent wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse by flagging questionable expenses or erroneous payments
  • Respond to issues immediately with on-demand access to business insights

Creating a comprehensive big data strategy that leverages advanced technology, analytics, and proven best practices will enable you to answer your business challenges with strategic data insights.

Deploy a big data plan to boost productivity

Creating a strategy to unify business data, from both the digital and physical worlds, will provide transparency in all aspects of your business. Applying advanced analytics to your data will enable you to unlock business […]

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Sysorex Announces AirPatrol Contract With Top Mall Operator

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), a developer of high performance analytics software and solutions, today announced it has secured an AirPatrol for Retail Properties managed services contract with a top mall operator.

Sysorex’s AirPatrol for Retail Properties product will be live in a marquee shopping center and provide detailed visitor analytics, including foot counts, visitor journey, length of stay, and other location-based information for the marquee shopping center.

“We are elated that Sysorex’s AirPatrol was selected after a very thorough and extensive evaluation process,” said Sysorex CEO, Nadir Ali. “In a market where there are a number of ‘me too’ companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations all claiming to provide accurate and comprehensive indoor-locationing, the fact that AirPatrol was chosen is a real testament to the value of our technology and the ROI it provides our customers. Sysorex information allows shopping center owners to make decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information rather than data that is weeks or months old.”

In addition to standard customer experience reports, and a live web-based “dashboard,” AirPatrol also offers a high-speed data-mining platform, LightMiner, that can be integrated into the system to provide highly complex analysis in near real time and provide new insights about visitor behavior.

About Sysorex
Sysorex develops the systems and solutions that power the data-driven enterprise. With an innovative approach to big data, analytics and the […]

Do we have an over-reliance on data?

Recently, a rather alarming headline appeared in my news feed (”Data dangers: Why publishers’ over-reliance on data puts them at risk”.) The author believes that newspapers publishers’ reliance on customer data makes them “vulnerable” because ad blockers and customer privacy legislation will lead to data scarcity. He makes an interesting point. Blockers and legislation will shape how data is collected and used. But, in this age of information, I’m not sure that data can be overly-relied upon. And, there are best practices when working with data that’s been acquired from website visitors which can mitigate concerns about data scarcity:

Handle with Care

Website visitors see their personal data as valuable, and rightly so. Treat it with care. Safeguard it. When possible, ask permission when gathering information.

Demonstrate Value

Collect the minimum information required, and demonstrate the value for the visitor. When creating sign-ups for an email newsletter, for example, resist the impulse to gather extensive demographic information. Readers know all you really need is their email address.

Before a visitor commits to providing personal information, explain what they will receive in return. Display a sample if possible, so that providing personal information becomes a value exchange.

Use What You Already Have

Examine the data you already have on hand with fresh eyes. For example, Shoom eTearsheets, while designed to provide proof […]

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City of Seattle Selects Sysorex to Optimize its IT Infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced a $3.9 million purchase order from the City of Seattle to design and deploy an advanced information systems architecture that will help the city improve its IT infrastructure and streamline the management and safety of its critical data. In connection with the project, Sysorex will provide systems engineering and services to consolidate approximately 1.4 petabytes (1.4 million gigabytes) of the city’s digital information currently spread across 16 facilities into two datacenters. Sysorex will also provide a new data management, backup and recovery solution to assist in simplifying and improving the security of data from every department in the municipality.

“Large municipalities are complex and challenging data management environments,” said Sysorex Western Regional Vice President, Nathan Hughes. “There is an incredible amount of information distributed across dozens of departmental applications and locations – all of which has to be managed, maintained and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We think it speaks to our ability to successfully tackle large-scale data challenges when a city the size of Seattle chooses Sysorex for a project of this magnitude,” he added.

Work on the project will begin immediately.

About Sysorex
Sysorex develops the systems and solutions that power the data-driven enterprise. With an innovative approach to big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), […]

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Mickey Mouse, the Cyber Chef

internThe Internet skipped a beat recently when Disney posted a job listing for a “Global Intelligence Analyst Intern.” Looking for someone to assist with counter-terrorism, the post went viral and was later taken down.

“Wait, what?? But this is the happiest place on earth,” said the Internet. However, Disney is one of many big businesses stepping up their defenses for both physical and cyber attacks.

Amusement parks, retail stores and more have changed their business strategy to integrate the physical experience with the mobile or cyber life. Using precise locationing technology like beacons or zones, visitors can experience more than just what meets the eye with the help of their mobile device. Customization, assistance, special offers and push updates allow visitors to be more connected to where they are than ever before.

On the other side, businesses now have exponentially more information about their visitors. This data is collected from mobile apps, RFID bracelets, video cameras, web cookies, and opted-in loyalty programs and should be guarded like the Hope Diamond. Well-protected and extensive data can be good for customers (personal information is safe, each experience meets a new level of customization and relevance) as well as businesses (know what customers like and dislike, staffing problems resolved, increase ROI).

The interconnectivity (buzzword: Internet of Things) of so much around us […]

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Riding The Big Data Shark

sharkThe day after shark week ends, people start entering the water again. Even though hours were spent watching and listening to gruesome fatalities, the cautioning data is quickly forgotten. We want more.

We feel the same way about data – we want it and we want it all. An incredible amount of data flies around us and lives at our fingertips; it can be overwhelming. We tend to forget important data (birthdays, anniversaries, appointments) but we remember a 15 second viral video without any difficulty. As new devices and the Internet of Things creates and collects data, the data ocean continues to grow.

Corporations treat data as if it is shark-infested: cautiously and hoping for calm clarity in the tumultuous waves. Beyond the back-ups and migrations, we’re fed the same lines:

  • “Big Data is the Next Big Thing”
  • “Big Data is Here to Stay”
  • “Big Data is Your Friend”

But big data can seem more like a frenemy, than a friend.

The shark-proof flotation device for corporations is the ability to really SEE the data, not individual rows or columns or cells, but what it means and why. Just like with mobile advertising, the data needs to show exactly what is desired at the right time and to the right person. The analytics need to be smart, even when the data isn’t.

The big data […]

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Dell: Partners grow revenue, register more deals

Dell’s channel VP reports expanding Dell partner revenue and deal registrations, noting some channel allies are more than doubling their Dell business.

Adding some channel partner color to Dell’s recent fiscal 2016 first quarter results, Cheryl Cook, vice president of global channels & alliances, talked up higher deal registration numbers, deeper penetration into accounts and an uptick in revenue growth for the top 100 Dell partners.

In a briefing this week, Cook pointed to four U.S. partners in particular who reported hyper revenue growth of between 100% and 600% over the past two years:

  • Ocean Computer Group, Matawan N.J., topped the chart with 600% plus growth in its Dell business. The company, a certified Dell partner since 2011 and a Dell partner since 2006, focuses on selling end-to-end Dell products and services in the public and commercial sectors.
  • Two west coast companies, Groupware Technology, Campbell, Calif. and Lilien Systems, Larkspur Calif., reported 300%-plus growth and 185% growth in their Dell business over the past 24 months, respectively. Groupware, a Dell certified partner since 2015, and Lilien, a Dell Certified partner since 2012, both sell Dell enterprise solutions.
  • Advanticom Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., reported growth in its Dell business of 160% plus over the past two years. A Dell Certified Partner since 2009, Advanticom sells Dell enterprise and client solutions.

Michael Coogan, director of business partner services and consulting at Ocean Computer Group, […]

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Sysorex Announces Strategic Partnership with Cloudian

Sysorex to offer Cloudian storage appliances and software as part of the Sysorex enterprise managed services and cloud platforms

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data software solutions and infrastructure provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Cloudian, Inc. that will allow Sysorex to offer Cloudian’s HyperStore cloud storage software and appliances as part of Sysorex’s Enterprise Managed Services, Big Data and Private Hybrid Cloud Platform suites.

“We are excited about our partner relationship with Cloudian,” said Sysorex Chief Technology Officer Craig Harper. “The ability to incorporate Cloudian’s products into our managed services, cloud and big data platforms means we can offer industry leading hybrid cloud storage products and unmatched value to our customers to help them keep pace with their growing storage needs.”

Cloudian HyperStore is a Simple Storage Service (S3) API compliant hybrid cloud storage solution. Available as stand-alone software, or as a rack-ready appliance, HyperStore delivers multi-data center storage for all data types with unlimited scale, optional data tiering to any S3 cloud, and support for all S3 applications.

“Cloudian HyperStore is optimized for the most demanding data management workloads. It is extremely cost effective, highly scalable and secure, and can be deployed as a pure cloud or on premise as an Amazon-style private cloud which allows us to tailor it to fit virtually any customer requirement,” Harper said. […]

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Dizzy with Data

foottrafficFoot traffic data is spinning around us with a dizzying effect.

Why are we losing our equilibrium when looking at the conclusions of data? Think back on the days of Analytics 101, garbage data in -> garbage results out. What’s the value of data unless it captures what is really going on?

We all have the same problem – we want an accurate view of people. Methods that only capture WiFi devices are missing a big part of reality; many people simply turn WiFi off and 65% of phones in use are still “feature phones” (no WiFi available). AirPatrol’s own studies have found that WiFi-only detection represents less than 4 out of 10 people.

With information like that, we’re not only missing an accurate count; we’re missing opportunities and skewing the data we have. If you look at the facts, feature phones are likely in the hands of the 55+ crowd as the younger generations want need the newest device. This age group is in the majority of devices that remain unseen with WiFi-only detection. Concurrently, this age group also has the most disposable income. Now your data isn’t only miscalculating the number of people in the area, but it’s skewing the data to younger age groups, a smaller disposable income and stores that attract a younger demographic. […]

The Problem with Data

showroomingWe have become so excited in collecting data, lots and lots of data, that we’re forgetting the most important part: analyzing and reporting. Many can take your Excel spreadsheet and create eye-catching pie charts and bar graphs, but what are you getting out of it.

Using mobile, data is collected for a few main reasons:

  1. You have a problem and you need to understand it (enterprise and government security)
  2. You have a problem and you need to control it (finance, healthcare, correctional facilities)
  3. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips and you want to use it to better your business (retail)

The best part of data? Location.

“Location Intelligence (LI) has been advancing for some time but has not had the front seat.
It must become part of daily tasks … its got to be out front and
center to be part of everything we do to make smarter actions.” – Mark Smith

The first two reasons know the right ways to use mobile to their advantage. If you’re able to analyze the environment, you’re able to combat a known problem instead of blindly stabbing in a general area and crossing your fingers that something your IT team is doing will make the problem stop.

But retail is a different animal. Using mobile devices for studying foot traffic patterns is gaining […]