Thinking mobile first

Source : IT Web Data Management
It is critical for enterprise players to start batting on the mobility field. »Read article

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Steps For Improving Your Information Security Policy

Source : Forbes
If you needed a reason to institute an information security policy, consider this statistic from a Ponemon Institute study from late 2014: 43 percent of businesses dealt with a data breach at some point in the previous twelve months. »Read article

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BYOD best practices call for mobility governance team

Source : Tech Target
Mobile devices increase employee productivity, but there’s a big price to pay in terms of a greater risk of data loss. To combat that risk, enterprise mobility management systems and best practices are a baseline requirement for companies going mobile, whether that means implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy or outfitting employees with operational mobile devices to do their jobs. »Read article

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4 tips to reduce BYOD’s threat to the corporate network

Source : Fierce Mobile IT
To address the network security challenges posed by BYOD, Kurt Roemer, chief security officer at Citrix, offered four tips for IT departments: encrypt all app and network traffic, require client-side certificates for admins and sensitive apps, use two-factor authentication where appropriate and put strong logging and audit policies in place. »Read article

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Wear Your Own Device is coming to the workplace, and enterprises need to start preparing today

Source : betanews
Anyone interested in technology will know that the mobile boom has brought with it new considerations for businesses in the form or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Despite still being a concept that many companies are yet to fully grasp, it is about to be overtaken by a new mobile trend. WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) is hot on its heels, as wearables and smart watches continue to gain traction. »Read article

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Federal agencies behind the curve: IoT and BYOD

Source : Brookings Institute
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two such technological trends that have transformed how business operates in the United States and should change the way that government functions as well. »Read article

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HP to buy wi-fi equipment maker Aruba

Source : IT News
Hewlett Packard has said it will buy wi-fi network gear maker Aruba Networks for about US$2.7 billion (A$3.5 billion) in an effort to help boost its share in the wireless local area network market.

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BYOD: Better stay used to it

Source : Help Net Security
There are three main approaches to securing BYOD: IT policy, training and technical solutions. »Read article

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Why do BYOD smartphones and tablets get remotely wiped?

Source : ZDNet
If you BYOD, be aware that your smartphone or laptop can be wiped for any number of reasons. »Read article

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Getting a Better Handle on BYOD Management

Source : Business 2 Community
For IT to succeed in navigating these new challenges, here are a few tips to keep in mind.   »Read article

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