Sysorex Announces Strategic Relationship with Tempered Networks

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with Seattle-based Tempered Networks, a developer of secure connectivity for business critical infrastructure and information. The relationship allows Sysorex to provide Tempered Networks’ security solutions as part of Sysorex’s Enterprise Managed Services, Big Data and AirPatrol Cybersecurity Platform suites.

“We believe that Sysorex’s highly experienced team paired with Tempered Networks’ industrial and hardened solutions can significantly contribute to securing a company’s connected assets,” said Sysorex Chief Technology Officer Craig Harper. “We expect our relationship with Tempered Networks will play a key role in delivering a timely and compelling value proposition to enterprises concerned with safeguarding business critical assets and communications.”

Sysorex believes that its expertise and Tempered Networks’ security appliance solution meet the network integration challenges facing modern enterprises and aligns them with industry best-practice cyber security standards and architectures. The massive growth of systems, devices and vulnerable endpoints being connected to IP networks is pervasive across the enterprise and all industries. This trend is creating acute security problems with the push to connect everything using IP networks, which are inherently vulnerable, as well as mobile and cloud computing.

“Whether it’s protecting high value intellectual property, ATM systems, or securing sensitive data over WiFi, enterprises need a more effective cyber security solution,” said Lee Finck, Vice […]

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Sysorex Secures $1 Million AirPatrol CyberSecurity Engagement with US Government Agency

Company’s AirPatrol ZoneDefense system to help secure sensitive government installations against mobile threats and data leakage

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced it has secured a $1 million engagement with a US Government agency for the company’s AirPatrol ZoneDefense mobile device detection and locationing system. ZoneDefense will be used to help secure sensitive buildings from cybersecurity and data leakage threats posed by rogue mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other items capable of communicating and transferring data outside of secured networks.

“Unknown and rogue mobile devices are a serious threat to information security because they can operate undetected, and bypass normal security protocols using cellular, Bluetooth or ad hoc WiFi networks,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Sysorex. “After extensive trials this agency selected AirPatrol ZoneDefense to help secure its facilities. I believe this is a testament to ZoneDefense’s ability to detect and accurately locate any wireless device operating within a monitored area.”

ZoneDefense is a mobile device security system that detects and monitors cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth devices and triggers specific security policies based on the identity of the device and its location. ZoneDefense customers include federal government agencies, universities, hospitals, financial firms and global enterprises among others.

Sysorex expects the ZoneDefense installation to begin in mid-November and be completed by year’s end.

About Sysorex
Sysorex develops the systems […]

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Cybersecurity Trends for 2015

Source : In Homeland Security
In Homeland Security managing editor Glynn Cosker presents the first in a series of short videos outlining current cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2015. »Read article

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Speed of Tech Change a Threat to Cybersecurity

Source : Wall Street Journal
Companies are having problems adapting to the speed of technological change, continue to use legacy technologies while trying to combat evolving cyberthreats and have a lack of understanding of the full liabilities they face when their data are breached, according to a report on information security threats released Tuesday. »Read article

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Lockheed sees shift in focus on infrastructure cyber security

Source : Reuters
Lockheed Martin Corp, the Pentagon’s No. 1 supplier, said it has seen a “sea change” in demand for cyber security services in critical infrastructure areas such as energy, oil and gas, and financial institutions over the past 18 months. »Read article

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Obama in Bay Area next week for cybersecurity summit, DNC fundraiser

Source : San Jose Mercury News
President Barack Obama will be in the Bay Area next week to speak at a summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection at Stanford University. »Read article

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Cyber Security Professionals Predict Their Biggest Concerns For 2015

Source : Forbes
The chances that all of these security predictions come true, at least in part, are pretty good. The question is whether or not businesses will be up to the challenge of tackling these security issues before they cause damage. »Read article

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8 Wacky Cyberattacks Worse Than Sony Hack

Source : Information Week
John Denver music on a loop. Adam Sandler inserted in your favorite movies. Forget Sony: These attacks would really drive the nation insane. »Read article

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The Sony hack should make cyber security a hot boardroom topic

Source : Fortune
The massive scale of the cyber attack shows why top executives need to be more involved in shaping cyber strategy at companies. »Read article

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Could Sony Hack Scare Other Companies Into Beefing Up Cybersecurity?

Source : NBC News
So, will companies take cybersecurity more seriously? Unless the Sony hack really causes companies to sit up and pay attention, they may well do what they’ve done in the past — forget about it until the next major breach. »Read article

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