Incentivize Me: The Story of IoT & Malware

Wow-factor. It’s one of the best parts of new technology.

Childhood dreams and impossible ideas not only come to exist but are highly integrated into our daily lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon has the wow-factor that so many seek and try to harness in their ideas and products.
But those who are security-minded test the waters before they cannonball in. With rewards come risks, and not all risks are equal in the world of IoT and malware.

IoT Categories

The relative size or danger of a risk can be measured by the number of people it can affect or the damage it can do. First, the IoT must be differentiated between two categories:

  1. Commercial IoT includes devices regularly sold to individuals, such as computer mice, televisions, cameras, and drones weighing up to 8 lbs.
  2. Industrial IoT includes home automation technology, HVAC systems, and sensor systems used for locating and detecting radio frequencies.

From a ManuIoTfacturer’s Perspective

The likelihood that a company will secure an IoT device from the intrusion of a malicious actor, who might look through the device’s camera or use the microphone to listen to the device’s owners, depends on whether or not there is a dollar value associated with it.

Imagine you are a large, well-established technology vendor with millions of customers. One day a woman approaches you saying she […]