Tempered Networks and the Security EcoSystem

TNThe best block is to not be there” – Mr. Miyagi

Designing, installing, and maintaining your company’s infrastructure can be one heck of a job. I’ve been doing network architecture for about 20 years now and the best explanation I’ve ever found to tell people what I do is still, “I make sure packets go from point A to point B, and back again”. Horribly simplified, but if I start going down the rabbit-hole about L1-L4 design ideas and trade-offs, they immediately look like they just stepped on a rake and knocked themselves silly. Seriously, if I ever want my kids to go to sleep right away, I just pick a random page out of “TCP/IP Illustrated” and start reading it to them. “Forget counting sheep, I’ve got a subnet mask for you to work on…” But one of the things that keeps me up at night is security. I’ve had plenty of clients who’ve back-burnered security and woke up the next day to an encrypted file system and demands for bitcoins. I’ve got others who are now starting to realize that everybody accessing their IP/sensitive docs internally maybe really isn’t a good thing and those emails from Mr. Nairbobi? Ya know, the ones that say you’re rich and can you please open this PDF as well […]

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Sysorex Announces Strategic Relationship with Tempered Networks

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with Seattle-based Tempered Networks, a developer of secure connectivity for business critical infrastructure and information. The relationship allows Sysorex to provide Tempered Networks’ security solutions as part of Sysorex’s Enterprise Managed Services, Big Data and AirPatrol Cybersecurity Platform suites.

“We believe that Sysorex’s highly experienced team paired with Tempered Networks’ industrial and hardened solutions can significantly contribute to securing a company’s connected assets,” said Sysorex Chief Technology Officer Craig Harper. “We expect our relationship with Tempered Networks will play a key role in delivering a timely and compelling value proposition to enterprises concerned with safeguarding business critical assets and communications.”

Sysorex believes that its expertise and Tempered Networks’ security appliance solution meet the network integration challenges facing modern enterprises and aligns them with industry best-practice cyber security standards and architectures. The massive growth of systems, devices and vulnerable endpoints being connected to IP networks is pervasive across the enterprise and all industries. This trend is creating acute security problems with the push to connect everything using IP networks, which are inherently vulnerable, as well as mobile and cloud computing.

“Whether it’s protecting high value intellectual property, ATM systems, or securing sensitive data over WiFi, enterprises need a more effective cyber security solution,” said Lee Finck, Vice […]

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