Sysorex Launches 3-Part “Freethinkers of the Retail World” Webinar Series

PALO ALTO, Calif., December 19, 2016 – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), the indoor positioning and data analytics company, today announced the launch of its 3-part webinar series titled “Freethinkers of the Retail World.

The webinar series, to kick off in early January 2017, will address challenges facing the retail industry during the ongoing and increasing popularity of shopping online.

“Brick and mortar stores have lacked the tools to compete with online shopping and their sales have, unfortunately, reflected that,” explained Peter Emery, Sysorex Director of Retail. “Websites have the advantage of recognizing visitors, knowing how they travel throughout their retail website, and so much more. The customer journey is known, ROI is increased, and it’s all within the data collected from web traffic. Sadly, physical retail shopping was at a big disadvantage – but that’s no longer the case with new indoor positioning and data analytics technology, a new dimension of retail shopping is being introduced.”

Each session of the series introduces retail executives and business leaders to the latest sensor technology coupled with lightning fast data analytics. These forward-reaching tools help management take a giant leap from fragmented customer knowledge to unified, anonymous, but actionable customer intelligence that delivers an in-depth understanding of the desired experience.

According to several sources, customer experience in the retail industry is in crisis.

  • 63% of consumers feel a coupon […]
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Riding The Big Data Shark

sharkThe day after shark week ends, people start entering the water again. Even though hours were spent watching and listening to gruesome fatalities, the cautioning data is quickly forgotten. We want more.

We feel the same way about data – we want it and we want it all. An incredible amount of data flies around us and lives at our fingertips; it can be overwhelming. We tend to forget important data (birthdays, anniversaries, appointments) but we remember a 15 second viral video without any difficulty. As new devices and the Internet of Things creates and collects data, the data ocean continues to grow.

Corporations treat data as if it is shark-infested: cautiously and hoping for calm clarity in the tumultuous waves. Beyond the back-ups and migrations, we’re fed the same lines:

  • “Big Data is the Next Big Thing”
  • “Big Data is Here to Stay”
  • “Big Data is Your Friend”

But big data can seem more like a frenemy, than a friend.

The shark-proof flotation device for corporations is the ability to really SEE the data, not individual rows or columns or cells, but what it means and why. Just like with mobile advertising, the data needs to show exactly what is desired at the right time and to the right person. The analytics need to be smart, even when the data isn’t.

The big data […]

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Location Based MDM with AirPatrol and MobileIron

AirPatrol and MobileIron team up to deliver location-based enterprise mobile security.


The problem with static policies for mobile devices is the devices are constantly moving around — not static at all. The “one size fits all” approach isn’t the answer; mobile devices need dynamic mobile device policies – one appropriate for the user in the right place and time. By combining AirPatrol’s precision locationing with MobileIron’s powerful MDM solutions, organizations can leverage all the productivity the BYOD revolution has to offer without exponentially increasing the management and security woes.

To show how location-based mobile device management improves BYOD in global enterprises today, AirPatrol and MobileIron recently hosted a joint webinar attended by hundreds of people from around the globe. If you missed the live presentation (or just want to see it again), you can catch it in the following video:

Location-Based MDM with AirPatrol and MobileIron Video:

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